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Bonding Braid (Ground Strap)
Bonding Braid (Ground Strap)
A flat woven braid of tinned-copper strands 7/16" wide. Bonding braid is equivalent to a solid #6 AWG copper conductor. It has 1/2" eyelets (1/4" I.D.) every 3 inches eliminating the need for punching holes. Bonding braid will provide a parallel path for high current around a load cell installation. It offers additional protection when welding or in areas of lightning activity. Connects top and bottom mounting plates in compression assemblies. Also used to shunt load cell and linkage in tension mounting.

 Part Number   Description   Stock   Weight 
EM2025-15  Length: 15"   967   1.00 
EM2025-21  Length: 21"   968   1.00 
EM2025-30  Length: 30"   969   1.00 
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