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Signal Trim Economy Summing Junction Box Model E200
Signal Trim Economy Summing Junction Box Model E200
For the application that is not extreme with high pressure washdown, and does not require a rugged box that has large cables and is not submerged in dirt, mud, and water. This series of Summing Junction Box will perform adequately at a reasonable price. NEMA 4 stainless steel enclosure contains a component card designed to adjust each load cell span without effecting zero. One potentiometer per load cell shunts the output and two series output isolation resistors limit zero interaction. Section adjustment on E251, E260, E280, E2100 have potentiometers for ease in scale calibration. First the two cells in each section are matched and then the sections are matched with the additional section pots. Terminal blocks are screw type. One terminal block for each of the load cells and one for the indicator. Nylon strain reliefs for each load cell and indicator. Enclosure size 6-1/2

 Part Number   Description   Stock   Weight 
Stainless Steel NEMA 4 enlcosure
w/summing card
E250-4-SS  Summing Junction Box   7814   4.00 
E251-4-SS  Summing Junction Box   7815   4.00 
E260-6-SS  Summing Junction Box   7816   4.00 
E280-8-SS  Summing Junction Box   7817   5.00 
E2100-10-SS  Summing Junction Box   7818   5.00 

Summing card only
E250  Card only   7819   1.00 
E251  Card only   7820   1.00 
E260  Card only   7821   1.00 
E280  Card only   7822   1.00 
E2100  Card only   7823   1.00 

Stainless Steel NEMA 4 enclosure
w/summing card w/surg
E251-4-SS-SP  Summing Junction Box   7824   4.00 
E260-6-SS-SP  Summing Junction Box   7825   5.00 
E280-8-SS-SP  Summing Junction Box   7826   5.00 
E2100-10-SS-SP  Summing Junction Box   7827   5.00 

Summing card only
w/surge protection

E251-SP  Card only   7828   1.00 
E260-SP  Card only   7829   1.00 
E280-SP  Card only   7830   1.00 
2100-SP  Card only   7831   1.00 

Enclosure without card
E250B/1251B  Enclosure only w/(5) strain reliefs   7832   4.00 
E260B  Enclosure only w(7) strain reliefs   7833   4.00 
E280B  Enclosure only w/(9) strain reliefs   7834   4.00 
E2100B  Enclosure only w/(11) strain reliefs   7835   5.00 
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