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Topload Balance Model ED
Topload Balance Model ED
Reliable weighing results under less than ideal ambient conditions due to digital compensation algorithms. Icons for application selection. Weighing applications for: weigh averaging, dynamic animal weighing, net total formulation or counting. Hanger for below balance weighing. More versatility in high resolution applications. Robotically etched monolithic weigh cell ensuring long term, high accuracy and minimizing the effects of temperature drifts. The Extend Series powerful microprocessor technology shortens the response times for even faster results. User friendly operation. Built in, motorized calibration ensures maximum weighing accuracy and operating convenience. USB interface port, RS 232C port is standard on all Extend balances and scales. ISO/GLP compliant printouts of raw data and calibration and adjustment data at the touch of a key when connected to a data printer.

 Part Number   Description   Stock   Weight 
With internal calibration         
4.5" dia Pan         
ED 153-CW  150g x 0.001g   6792    
ED 323S-CW  320g x 0.001g   6794    
ED 423S-CW  420g x 0.001g   6796    
ED 623S-CW  620g x 0.001g   6798    

5.9" dia Pan
ED 822-CW  820g x 0.01g   6808    

7.1" x 7.1" dia Pan
ED 2201-CW  2200g x 0.1g   6810    
ED 2202S-CW  2200g x 0.01g   6800    
ED 3202S-CW  3200g x 0.01g   6802    
ED 4202S-CW  4200g x 0.01g   6804    
ED 6202S-CW  6200g x 0.01g   6806    
ED 5201-CW  5200g x 0.1g   6812    
ED 8201-CW  8200g x 0.1g   6814    

Without internal calibration
4.5" dia Pan         
ED 153  150g x 0.001g   6791    
ED 323S  320g x 0.001g   6793    
ED 423S  420g x 0.001g   6795    
ED 623S  620g x 0.001g   6797    

5.9" dia Pan
ED 822  820g x 0.01g   6807    

7.1" x 7.1" dia Pan
ED 2201  2200g x 0.1g   6809    
ED 2202S  2200g x 0.01g   6799    
ED 3202S  3200g x 0.01g   6801    
ED 4202S  4200g x 0.01g   6803    
ED 6202S  6200g x 0.01g   6805    
ED 5201  5200g x 0.1g   6811    
ED 8201  8200g x 0.1g   6813    
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