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Ohaus Clear Flexible Covers
Ohaus Clear Flexible Covers
Inuse covers for use with a variety of popular Ohaus scales and balances.

These covers protect from dripping paint and dyes, dust and dirt or any dripping liquid.

They are easily replaceable when they have accumulated an excess of the contaminated product.

The Ohaus covers are made of a semi rigid clear PVC or PETG, yet they are soft enough to allow the easy use of the front panel keys on the scale or balance.

 Part Number   Description   Stock   Weight 
TFC-Adventurer  Cover   5612   1.00 
TFC-B small  Cover   5613   1.00 
TFC-B large  Cover   5614   1.00 
TFC-CT  Cover   5615   1.00 
TFC-Explorer/Voyager top loader  Cover   5616   1.00 
TFC-Explorer/Voyager analytical  Cover   5617   1.00 
TFC-GT/E round pan  Cover   5618   1.00 
TFC-GT/E square pan  Cover   5585   1.00 
TFC-Navigator  Cover   5619   1.00 
TFC-SC Scout  Cover   5620   1.00 
TFC-TM Pro Scout  Cover   5586   1.00 
TFC-TS/TP  Cover   5621   1.00 
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