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Quick-Check Tension Meter
Quick-Check Tension Meter
Portable and rugged. Designed for outdoor use. Quick Check can be placed on cable, measure its tension and removed in under 5 seconds. Easy to red display with full text prompts. Easy to read SOFTKEY interface. Tension units of measure: pound-force, kilogram force, Newtons. Built in averaging. Built in temperature sensor with patented automatic tension adjustment. Sheaves with bearings eliminate friction and provide the best accuracy. Extended handle length facilitates easy placement on cable. Quick Check can be employed in many industries including tower and stack guy wires, pretensioned cable barriers, bridges, elevators, winch rope, prestressed concrete, fall arrest systems, aircraft cables and utilities. Stores calibration for up to 15 unique wire sizes and types. Uses AA batteries and has long life between changes. 10" x 23" x 3"

 Part Number   Description   Stock   Weight 
36289-0022  2,000 x 2lb   6930   11.00 
36289-0014  10,000 x 10lb   6931   11.00 

Sheave Select
(select at least one)
36309-00895  Code L - Sheave up to 1/4" wire dia   6932   2.00 
36309-0044  Code P - Sheave up to 1/2" wire dia   6933   2.00 
36309-0010  Code S - Sheave up to 1/4-3/4" wire dia   6934   2.00 

Calibration Select
(select at least one)
First wire calibration is included  With each Quick-Check   6935    
Subsequent calibrations  (call for price)   6936    

-Indicate what wire sizes
and types to calibrate
-Each wire size is calibrated at 4-5         
load points and confirmed by a
validation run
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