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Voltage Spike and Transient Protector Model TES-3P
Voltage Spike and Transient Protector Model TES-3P
Voltage spike and transient protector. Two stage silicon avalanche device shunts over voltage to ground. If first stage is removed by severe strike, second stage will continue giving protection. If a severe second strike occurs and removes the second stage, power will be disconnected from protected equipment. Indicator light signals first stage failure. Indicator light and no power output signals second stage fail. (2) 120 VAC receptacles, plug in module has tab for attaching to wall plate, indicator light, 5 year warranty. Clamping 1st stage 170 VAC; 2nd Stage 264 VAC. Response time is less than 5 nanoseconds. Note: typical voltage in electrical outlet at 120VAC is 170 volts at the peak of the sine wave. Normal voltage is measured as RMS (Root Mean Square). To get peak voltage, multiply by the square root of 2 or 1.414. In this case 120 x 1.414 = 170 volts peak. this unit clamps the voltage at 30 volts above the normal. 2nd stage clamps at 40 volts over normal.

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TES-3P  Power part   789   1.00 
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